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SCHEDULE 8E+W Breach, revocation and amendment of F1... reparation orders

[F2Power to adjourn hearing and remand offenderE+W

6A(1)This paragraph applies to any hearing relating to an offender held by a youth court in any proceedings under this Schedule.E+W

(2)The court may adjourn the hearing, and, where it does so, may—

(a)direct that the offender be released forthwith, or

(b)remand the offender.

(3)Where the court remands the offender under sub-paragraph (2)—

(a)it must fix the time and place at which the hearing is to be resumed, and

(b)that time and place must be the time and place at which the offender is required to appear or be brought before the court by virtue of the remand.

(4)Where the court adjourns the hearing under sub-paragraph (2) but does not remand the offender—

(a)it may fix the time and place at which the hearing is to be resumed, but

(b)if it does not do so, it must not resume the hearing unless it is satisfied that the persons mentioned in sub-paragraph (5) have had adequate notice of the time and place for the resumed hearing.

(5)The persons referred to in sub-paragraph (4)(b) are—

(a)the offender,

(b)if the offender is aged under 14, a parent or guardian of the offender, and

(c)the responsible officer.

(6)If a local authority has parental responsibility for an offender who is in its care or provided with accommodation by it in the exercise of any social services functions, the reference in sub-paragraph (5)(b) to a parent or guardian of the offender is to be read as a reference to that authority.

(7)In sub-paragraph (6)—

(8)The powers of a youth court under this paragraph may be exercised by a single justice of the peace, notwithstanding anything in the Magistrates' Courts Act 1980.

(9)This paragraph—

(a)applies to any hearing in any proceedings under this Schedule in place of section 10 of the Magistrates' Courts Act 1980 (adjournment of trial) where that section would otherwise apply, but

(b)is not to be taken to affect the application of that section to hearings of any other description.]