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[F1SCHEDULE 7E+W Breach, revocation and amendment of supervision orders

Textual Amendments

Copies of revoking or amending ordersE+W

10A court which makes an order amending or revoking a supervision order shall forthwith send a copy of its order—

(a)to the offender and, if the offender is aged under 14, to his parent or guardian;

(b)to the supervisor and any person who has ceased to be the supervisor by virtue of the order;

(c)to any local authority who are not entitled by virtue of paragraph (b) above to such a copy and whose area is named in the supervision order in pursuance of section 63(6) of this Act or has ceased to be so named by virtue of the court’s order;

(d)where the offender is required by the order, or was required by the supervision order before it was amended or revoked, to reside with an individual or to undergo treatment by or under the direction of an individual or at any place, to the individual or the person in charge of that place; and

[F2(e)where a local justice area named in the order or revoked order in pursuance of section 63(6) of this Act is not that in which the court acts, to the designated officer for the local justice area so named;]

and, in a case falling within paragraph (e) above, shall also send to the [F3designated officer] in question such documents and information relating to the case as the court considers likely to be of assistance to them.]