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Part VE+W Miscellaneous and supplementary

Local access forumsE+W

95 Local access forums: supplementary.E+W

(1)Regulations under section 94 may in particular include provision—

(a)as to the appointment as members of a local access forum of persons appearing to the appointing authority to be representative of persons of any specified description or of any specified body;

(b)as to the establishment by appointing authorities of joint local access forums.

(2)The regulations must provide for the appointment of persons appearing to the appointing authority to be representative of—

(a)users of local rights of way or the right conferred by section 2(1);

(b)owners and occupiers of access land or land over which local rights of way subsist;

(c)any other interests especially relevant to the authority’s area.

(3)In subsection (2)—

(4)The Secretary of State and the National Assembly for Wales, in making regulations under section 94 containing such provision as is mentioned in subsection (2), must have regard to the desirability of maintaining a reasonable balance between the number of members of any local access forum appointed in accordance with paragraph (a) and in accordance with paragraph (b) of subsection (2).

(5)Regulations under section 94 may include such supplementary or incidental provision as appears to the Secretary of State or National Assembly for Wales (as the case may be) to be necessary or expedient.

(6)For the purposes of section 94, the Broads are to be treated as a National Park and the Broads Authority as a National Park authority.

(7)In subsection (6) “the Broads” has the same meaning as in the M1Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Act 1988.

(8)Regulations under section 94 shall be made by statutory instrument, and a statutory instrument containing such regulations made by the Secretary of State shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.

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