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Part IE+W Access to the countryside

Chapter IE+W Right of access


11 Regulations relating to maps.E+W

(1)Regulations may make provision supplementing the provisions of sections 4 to 10.

(2)Regulations under this section may in particular make provision with respect to—

(a)the scale on which maps are to be prepared,

(b)the manner and form in which they are to be prepared and issued,

(c)consultation with access authorities, local access forums and other persons on maps in draft form,

(d)the steps to be taken for informing the public of the issue of maps in draft form, provisional form or conclusive form,

(e)the manner in which maps in draft form, provisional form or conclusive form are to be published or to be made available for inspection,

(f)the period within which and the manner in which representations on a map in draft form may be made to the appropriate countryside body,

(g)the confirmation of a map under section 5(c),

(h)the period within which and manner in which appeals under section 6 are to be brought,

(i)the advertising of such an appeal,

(j)the manner in which such appeals are to be considered,

(k)the procedure to be followed on a review under section 10, including the issue of maps in draft form, provisional form and conclusive form on a review, and

(l)the correction by the appropriate countryside body of minor errors or omissions in maps.

(3)Regulations made by virtue of subsection (2)(b) or (e) may authorise or require a map to be prepared, issued, published or made available for inspection in electronic form, but must require any map in electronic form to be capable of being reproduced in printed form.

(4)Regulations made by virtue of subsection (2)(k) may provide for any of the provisions of this Chapter relating to appeals to apply (with or without modifications) in relation to an appeal against a map issued in provisional form on a review.