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SCHEDULE 7E+W+S Driving of mechanically propelled vehicles elsewhere than on roads

Road Traffic Act 1988 (c. 52)E+W+S

5For section 34 of that Act there is substituted—

34 Prohibition of driving mechanically propelled vehicles elsewhere than on roads.

(1)Subject to the provisions of this section, if without lawful authority a person drives a mechanically propelled vehicle—

(a)on to or upon any common land, moorland or land of any other description, not being land forming part of a road, or

(b)on any road being a footpath, bridleway or restricted byway,

he is guilty of an offence.

(2)For the purposes of subsection (1)(b) above, a way shown in a definitive map and statement as a footpath, bridleway or restricted byway is, without prejudice to section 56(1) of the M1Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, to be taken to be a way of the kind shown, unless (subject to section 34A of this Act) the contrary is proved.

(3)It is not an offence under this section to drive a mechanically propelled vehicle on any land within fifteen yards of a road, being a road on which a motor vehicle may lawfully be driven, for the purpose only of parking the vehicle on that land.

(4)A person shall not be convicted of an offence under this section with respect to a vehicle if he proves to the satisfaction of the court that it was driven in contravention of this section for the purpose of saving life or extinguishing fire or meeting any other like emergency.

(5)It is hereby declared that nothing in this section prejudices the operation of—

(a)section 193 of the M2Law of Property Act 1925 (rights of the public over commons and waste lands), or

(b)any byelaws applying to any land,

or affects the law of trespass to land or any right or remedy to which a person may by law be entitled in respect of any such trespass or in particular confers a right to park a vehicle on any land.

(6)Subsection (2) above and section 34A of this Act do not extend to Scotland.

(7)In this section—

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