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SCHEDULE 11E+W Transitional provisions and savings relating to sites of special scientific interest

Section 29E+W

18(1)This paragraph applies where—E+W

(a)as a result of the coming into force of paragraph 2 of Schedule 9 to this Act, a local inquiry or a hearing (as mentioned in paragraph 4(1)(a) and (b) respectively of Schedule 11 to the 1981 Act) comes to an end, and

(b)an owner or occupier of land in relation to which an order under section 29 has been made has incurred expense in connection with opposing the order at the local inquiry or hearing.

(2)If this paragraph applies, the Nature Conservancy Council shall (subject to sub-paragraph (3)) pay a person’s expenses referred to in paragraph (1)(b) to the extent that they are reasonable.

(3)The Council need not pay any such expenses unless the person—

(a)applies to the Council for such a payment; and

(b)satisfies the Council that he has incurred the expenses.