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Part VE+W Miscellaneous and supplementary

Management agreementsE+W

96 Management agreements.E+W

In section 39 of the 1981 Act (management agreements with owners and occupiers of land)—

(a)in subsection (1) the words “both in the countryside and” are omitted, and

(b)at the end of subsection (5) (authorities which may enter into management agreements) there is inserted—

(d)as respects any land in England, the Countryside Agency;

(e)as respects any land in Wales, the Countryside Council for Wales;

(f)as respects land in any area of outstanding natural beauty designated under section 82 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 for which a conservation board has been established under section 86 of that Act, that board.

Commencement Information

I1S. 96 wholly in force at 1.5.2001; s. 96 not in force at Royal Assent see s. 103(3); s. 96 in force for E. at 1.4.2001 by S.I. 2001/114, art. 2(2)(f); s. 96 in force for W. at 1.5.2001 by S.I. 2001/1410, art. 2(h)