Terrorism Act 2000


4Where the Secretary of State determines an application for compensation he shall serve on the applicant a notice—N.I.

(a)stating that he has decided to award compensation and specifying the amount of the award, or

(b)stating that he has decided to refuse the application.

5(1)An applicant may appeal to the county court against—N.I.

(a)the amount of compensation awarded, or

(b)the refusal of compensation.

(2)An appeal must be brought within the period of six weeks beginning with the date of service of the notice under paragraph 4.

6(1)This paragraph applies where the Secretary of State considers that in the course of an application for compensation the applicant—N.I.

(a)knowingly made a false or misleading statement,

(b)made a statement which he did not believe to be true, or

(c)knowingly failed to disclose a material fact.

(2)The Secretary of State may—

(a)refuse to award compensation,

(b)reduce the amount of compensation which he would otherwise have awarded, or

(c)withhold all or part of compensation which he has awarded.

7Where the Secretary of State makes an award of compensation he may make a payment to the applicant in respect of all or part of the costs of the application.N.I.