Part IICarriers' Liability

Passengers without proper documents

41Visas for transit passengers

(1)The Secretary of State may by order require transit passengers to hold a transit visa.

(2)“Transit passengers” means persons of any description specified in the order who on arrival in the United Kingdom pass through to another country without entering the United Kingdom; and “transit visa” means a visa for that purpose.

(3)The order—

(a)may specify a description of persons by reference to nationality, citizenship, origin or other connection with any particular country but not by reference to race, colour or religion;

(b)may not provide for the requirement imposed by the order to apply to any person who under the 1971 Act has the right of abode in the United Kingdom;

(c)may provide for any category of persons of a description specified in the order to be exempt from the requirement imposed by the order;

(d)may make provision about the method of application for visas required by the order.