Greater London Authority Act 1999

52 Meetings of the whole Assembly.E+W+S

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(1)The Assembly may hold, in addition to any meetings required to be held by or under this section or any other enactment, such other meetings as it may determine.

(2)Before the expiration of the period of ten days following the day of the poll at an ordinary election, there shall be a meeting of the Assembly to elect—

(a)the Chair of the Assembly; and

(b)the Deputy Chair of the Assembly.

(3)On such ten occasions in each calendar year as the Assembly may determine, there shall be a meeting of the Assembly—

(a)to consider the written report submitted for the meeting by the Mayor under section 45 above,

(b)to enable Assembly members to put—

(i)oral or written questions to the Mayor, and

(ii)oral questions to any employees of the Authority who are required to attend such meetings and answer questions put to them by Assembly members; and

(c)to transact any other business on the agenda for the meeting.

(4)The first meeting under subsection (3) above after an ordinary election shall be held not later than 25 days after the day of the poll at the election.

(5)Notice of the time and place of any meeting of the Assembly—

(a)shall be given to the Mayor and the Assembly members, and

(b)shall be published,

in accordance with the standing orders of the Authority.

(6)In the case of a meeting of the Assembly under subsection (3) above, the notice required by subsection (5) above must be given and published—

(a)if the meeting is the first such meeting after an ordinary election, as soon as reasonably practicable after the day of the poll at that election; or

(b)in any other case, at least 28 clear days before the meeting.

(7)If notice of a meeting to be held under subsection (3) above has been given pursuant to subsection (6) above, then, until that meeting has been held or the notice has been withdrawn, notice must not be given of another such meeting.

(8)An extraordinary meeting of the Assembly may be called at any time by the Chair of the Assembly.


(a)the Chair of the Assembly refuses to call an extraordinary meeting of the Assembly after a requisition for that purpose, signed by five Assembly members, has been presented to him, or

(b)if, without so refusing, the Chair of the Assembly does not call an extraordinary meeting within seven days after such a requisition has been presented to him,

any five Assembly members may forthwith call an extraordinary meeting of the Assembly.

(10)Section 54 below shall not apply in relation to any function of the Assembly under this section.