SCHEDULE 3Amendments of the Representation of the People Acts

Returning officers for Greater London and for Assembly constituencies

3(1)Section 35 shall be amended as follows.

(2)Before subsection (3) there shall be inserted—

(2A)Subsections (2B) and (2C) below have effect in relation to the Greater London Authority.

(2B)The returning officer at an election of a constituency member of the London Assembly shall be such a person, or a person of such a description, as may be designated by the Secretary of State in an order made by statutory instrument.

(2C)The returning officer—

(a)at any election of the Mayor of London,

(b)at the election of the London members of the London Assembly at an ordinary election, and

(c)for the purposes of section 11 of the 1999 Act (return of London members of the London Assembly otherwise than at an election),

shall be the proper officer of the Greater London Authority.

(3)After subsection (5) there shall be inserted—

(6)The council for any London borough shall place the services of its officers at the disposal of any person acting as the returning officer at an Authority election for an electoral area situated wholly or partly in the borough.