Greater London Authority Act 1999

The Transport Act 1985

8(1)The [1985 c. 67.] Transport Act 1985 shall be amended as follows.

(2)In section 10 (immediate hiring of taxis at separate fares)—

(a)in subsection (3)(a) (meaning of “licensing authority” in relation to the London taxi area) for “the Secretary of State”, in both places, there shall be substituted “Transport for London”;

(b)in subsection (5)(c), the words “if made otherwise than by the Secretary of State” shall cease to have effect;

(c)in subsection (8), the words “Except in the case of a scheme made by the Secretary of State,” shall cease to have effect; and

(d)subsection (10) (power of Secretary of State to make scheme exercisable by order) shall cease to have effect.

(3)In section 17 (London taxi and taxi driver licensing: appeals)—

(a)in subsections (2), (5), (8)(a) and (b) and (9) (which relate to reconsideration or appeal within the prescribed period) for “prescribed period”, in each place, there shall be substituted “designated period”;

(b)in subsection (10), after the definition of “the appropriate court” there shall be inserted the following definitions—

“designated period” means such period as may be specified for the purpose by London cab order;

“London cab order” means an order made by Transport for London; and

(c)after subsection (10) there shall be added—

(11)Any power to make a London cab order under this section includes power to vary or revoke a previous such order.