SCHEDULE 12Transport for London transfer schemes

Transfer of employees

10(1)This paragraph applies where a person employed by the transferor becomes an employee of the transferee by virtue of a transfer scheme.

(2)Anything done by or in relation to the transferor in respect of the employee before the day on which the transfer takes effect shall be treated on and after that day as done by or in relation to the transferee.

(3)For the purposes of Part XI of the [1996 c. 18.] Employment Rights Act 1996 (redundancy payments etc) the employee shall not be regarded as having been dismissed by virtue of the transfer.

(4)For the purposes of that Act—

(a)the employee’s period of employment with the transferor shall count as a period of employment with the transferee; and

(b)the change of employment shall not break the continuity of the period of employment.