Greater London Authority Act 1999

Reports and information

161Annual report

(1)Transport for London shall, as soon as possible after the end of each financial year, make to the Authority a report on the exercise and performance by Transport for London of its functions during the year.

(2)The report shall deal with—

(a)the contribution made by Transport for London towards the implementation of the transport strategy;

(b)the activities of any subsidiaries of Transport for London, so far as relevant to the performance of the functions of Transport for London during the year in question;

(c)any financial assistance given under section 159 above;

(d)any guarantees given under section 160(1) or (2) above;

(e)any arrangements entered into under section 160(4) above; and

(f)any indemnities given by virtue of section 160(5) above.

(3)The report made under this section in respect of any financial year shall include such information as the Mayor may from time to time specify in writing with respect to any matter the report is required to deal with by virtue of subsection (1) or (2) above.

(4)Transport for London shall publish any report made under this section.

(5)A copy of any report made under this section shall be kept available for the appropriate period by the Mayor for inspection by any person on request free of charge at the principal offices of the Authority at reasonable hours.

(6)A copy of any report made under this section, or any part of any such report, shall be supplied to any person on request during the appropriate period for such reasonable fee as the Mayor may determine.

(7)In this section “the appropriate period” in the case of a report under this section is the period of six years beginning with the date of publication of the report pursuant to this section.

162Provision of information

(1)Transport for London shall make available such information as it thinks fit which—

(a)relates to public passenger transport services provided to, from and within Greater London, and

(b)is required by members of the general public to assist in deciding what use to make of such services.

(2)The information shall be made available, in such manner as Transport for London thinks fit, to—

(a)the general public, and

(b)such other persons as Transport for London thinks fit.

(3)Transport for London may make such charges as it thinks fit for information which it makes available; but no such charge may be made if the information relates to public passenger transport services provided exclusively—

(a)by Transport for London or any of its subsidiaries, or

(b)by other persons under any transport subsidiary’s agreement or under agreements entered into under section 156(2) or (3) above.