Part IIIFinancial Provisions

Chapter ICouncil Tax

Different categories of dwellings

81Amounts for different categories of dwellings

In section 30 of the [1992 c. 14.] Local Government Finance Act 1992 (amounts for different categories of dwellings) there shall be added at the end—

(10)Where the major precepting authority in question is the Greater London Authority, subsections (2)(b) and (4) above shall have effect as if the references to sections 43 to 47 below were references to the appropriate Greater London provisions.

(11)In this section, “the appropriate Greater London provisions” means—

(a)sections 85 to 90 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and section 47 below; or

(b)in the case of calculations by way of substitute, sections 85, 86 and 88 to 90 of, and Schedule 7 to, that Act and section 47 below.