Part ILegal Services Commission

Criminal Defence Service

16Code of conduct

(1)The Commission shall prepare a code of conduct to be observed by employees of the Commission, and employees of any body established and maintained by the Commission, in the provision of services as part of the Criminal Defence Service.

(2)The code shall include—

(a)duties to avoid discrimination,

(b)duties to protect the interests of the individuals for whom services are provided,

(c)duties to the court,

(d)duties to avoid conflicts of interest, and

(e)duties of confidentiality,

and duties on employees who are members of a professional body to comply with the rules of the body.

(3)The Commission may from time to time prepare a revised version of the code.

(4)Before preparing or revising the code the Commission shall consult the Law Society and the General Council of the Bar and such other bodies or persons as it considers appropriate.

(5)After preparing the code or a revised version of the code the Commission shall send a copy to the Lord Chancellor.

(6)If he approves it he shall lay it before each House of Parliament.

(7)The Commission shall publish—

(a)the code as first approved by the Lord Chancellor, and

(b)where he approves a revised version, either the revisions or the revised code as appropriate.

(8)The code, and any revised version of the code, shall not come into force until it has been approved by a resolution of each House of Parliament.