Protection of Children Act 1999 Explanatory Notes

Section 8 – Searches under Part V of the Police Act 1997

18.Section 8 is necessary to the establishment of the one stop shop by making available the vehicle of the Criminal Record Bureau established under Part V of the Police Act 1997. Thus:

Subsection (1) inserts in section 113 of the Police Act 1997 (which deals with criminal record certificates) two new subsections. Their effect is to make the Bureau’s services accessible to employers in child care or specified educational organisations in respect of child care positions or educational posts as a teacher, or which otherwise bring the holder into regular contact with persons aged under 19, or a position of such other description as may be prescribed. In these cases, criminal record certificates have also to state whether the applicant (i.e. the proposed employee) is included in either of the two lists and, if so, such details of his inclusion as may be prescribed by regulations including, in the case of List 99, the grounds on which he is included;

Subsection (2) makes similar provision in the case of enhanced criminal record certificates by inserting a new subsection (6A) in section 115 of the 1997 Act.

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