SCHEDULE 13Transitional Provisions and Savings

Part IVOn and After the Starting Date

Chapter IVThe Utilities

Gas: power to make transitional orders

31(1)There is a transitional period for an agreement of a description falling within section 62(2)(a) and (b) or section 62(2A)(a) and (b) which—

(a)is specified, or is of a description specified, in an order (“a transitional order”) made by the Secretary of State (whether before or after the making of the agreement but before the end of the relevant period); and

(b)satisfies such conditions as may be specified in the order.

(2)A transitional order may make provision as to when the transitional period in respect of such an agreement is to start or to be deemed to have started.

(3)The transitional period for such an agreement ends at the end of the relevant period.

(4)But if the agreement—

(a)ceases to be one to which a transitional order applies, or

(b)ceases to satisfy one or more of the conditions specified in the transitional order,

the transitional period ends on the date when the agreement so ceases.

(5)Before making a transitional order, the Secretary of State must consult the Director General of Gas Supply and the Director.

(6)The conditions specified in a transitional order may include—

(a)conditions which are to be satisfied in relation to a time before the coming into force of this paragraph;

(b)conditions which refer any matter (which may be the general question whether the Chapter I prohibition should apply to a particular agreement) to the Secretary of State, the Director or the Director General of Gas Supply for determination after such consultation as may be so specified.