National Minimum Wage Act 1998

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Entitlement to the national minimum wage

    1. 1.Workers to be paid at least the national minimum wage

  3. Regulations relating to the national minimum wage

    1. 2.Determination of hourly rate of remuneration

    2. 3.Exclusion of, and modifications for, certain classes of person

    3. 4.Power to add to the persons to whom section 3 applies

  4. The Low Pay Commission

    1. 5.The first regulations: referral to the Low Pay Commission

    2. 6.Referral of matters to the Low Pay Commission at any time

    3. 7.Referrals to, and reports of, the Low Pay Commission: supplementary

    4. 8.The Low Pay Commission

  5. Records

    1. 9.Duty of employers to keep records

    2. 10.Worker’s right of access to records

    3. 11.Failure of employer to allow access to records

    4. 12.Employer to provide worker with national minimum wage statement

  6. Officers

    1. 13.Appointment of officers

    2. 14.Powers of officers

  7. Information

    1. 15.Information obtained by officers

    2. 16.Information obtained by agricultural wages officers

  8. Enforcement

    1. 17.Non-compliance: worker entitled to additional remuneration

    2. 18.Enforcement in the case of special classes of worker

    3. 19.Power of officer to issue enforcement notice

    4. 20.Non-compliance: power of officer to sue on behalf of worker

    5. 21.Financial penalty for non-compliance

    6. 22.Appeals against penalty notices

  9. Rights not to suffer unfair dismissal or other detriment

    1. 23.The right not to suffer detriment

    2. 24.Enforcement of the right

    3. 25.Right of employee not to be unfairly dismissed: Great Britain

    4. 26.Right of employee not to be unfairly dismissed: Northern Ireland

  10. Civil procedure, evidence and appeals

    1. 27.Tribunal hearings etc by chairman alone

    2. 28.Reversal of burden of proof

    3. 29.Appeals to the Employment Appeal Tribunal

  11. Conciliation

    1. 30.Conciliation

  12. Offences

    1. 31.Offences

    2. 32.Offences by bodies corporate etc

    3. 33.Proceedings for offences

  13. Special classes of person

    1. 34.Agency workers who are not otherwise “workers”

    2. 35.Home workers who are not otherwise “workers”

    3. 36.Crown employment

    4. 37.Armed forces

    5. 38.House of Lords staff

    6. 39.House of Commons staff

    7. 40.Mariners

  14. Extensions

    1. 41.Power to apply Act to individuals who are not otherwise “workers”

    2. 42.Power to apply Act to offshore employment

  15. Exclusions

    1. 43.Share fishermen

    2. 44.Voluntary workers

    3. 45.Prisoners

  16. Agricultural workers

    1. 46.Relationship of this Act and agricultural wages legislation

    2. 47.Amendments relating to remuneration etc of agricultural workers

  17. Miscellaneous

    1. 48.Application of Act to superior employers

    2. 49.Restrictions on contracting out

    3. 50.Publicity

  18. Supplementary

    1. 51.Regulations and orders

    2. 52.Expenses

    3. 53.Repeals and revocations

    4. 54.Meaning of “worker”, “employee” etc

    5. 55.Interpretation

    6. 56.Short title, commencement and extent

  19. Schedules:

    1. Schedule 1

      The Low Pay Commission.

    2. Schedule 2

      Amendments relating to remuneration etc of agricultural workers.

      1. Part I The Agricultural Wages Act 1948.

      2. Part II The Agricultural Wages (Scotland) Act 1949.

      3. Part III The Agricultural Wages (Regulation) (Northern Ireland) Order 1977.

    3. Schedule 3

      Repeals and revocations.