Teaching and Higher Education Act 1998

8(1)In this Schedule—E+W

  • disciplinary order” has the meaning given by paragraph 2(3);

  • registered teacher” includes—


    a person who was a registered teacher at the time of any alleged conduct or offence on his part, and


    a person who has made an application to be registered under section 3;

  • relevant offence”, in relation to a registered teacher, means—


    in the case of a conviction in the United Kingdom, a criminal offence other than one having no material relevance to his fitness to be a registered teacher, and


    in the case of a conviction elsewhere, an offence which, if committed in England and Wales, would constitute such an offence as is mentioned in paragraph (a);

  • unacceptable professional conduct” means conduct which falls short of the standard expected of a registered teacher.

(2)Where regulations under paragraph 9(1)(b) of Schedule 1 require the Council to establish a committee for the purpose of discharging any of the functions conferred on them by virtue of this Schedule, references in this Schedule to the Council shall be construed, in relation to those functions, as references to that committee.