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SCHEDULE 2E+W+N.I. Sexual offences to which section 7 applies

England and WalesE+W+N.I.

1(1)In relation to England and Wales, the following are sexual offences to which section 7 of this Act applies, namely—E+W+N.I.

(a)offences under the following provisions of the M1Sexual Offences Act 1956—

(i)section 1 (rape);

(ii)section 5 (intercourse with girl under 13);

(iii)section 6 (intercourse with girl between 13 and 16);

(iv)section 12 (buggery);

(v)section 14 (indecent assault on a girl);

(vi)section 15 (indecent assault on a boy); and

(vii)section 16 (assault with intent to commit buggery);

(b)an offence under section 1 of the M2Indecency with Children Act 1960 (indecent conduct towards young child); and

(c)an offence under section 1 of the M3Protection of Children Act 1978 (indecent photographs of children).

(2)In sub-paragraph (1)(a) above, sub-paragraphs (i) and (iv) to (vii) do not apply where the victim of the offence was 16 or over at the time of the offence.


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