SCHEDULE 5The Qualifications, Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales


2(1)The Authority may do anything which is calculated to facilitate, or is incidental or conducive to, the carrying out of any of their functions.

(2)In particular, the Authority may—

(a)acquire or dispose of land or other property,

(b)enter into contracts,

(c)form bodies corporate or associated or other bodies which are not bodies corporate,

(d)enter into joint ventures with other persons,

(e)subscribe for shares or stock,

(f)invest any sums not immediately required for the purpose of carrying out their functions,

(g)accept gifts of money, land or other property, and

(h)borrow money.

(3)Where authorised to do so under paragraph 2(3) of Schedule 4, the Authority may act as agent for the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority in connection with the exercise of any of that Authority’s functions in relation to Wales.

(4)The consent of the Secretary of State is required for the exercise of any power conferred by sub-paragraph (2)(c) or (d).