Part IIIMiscellaneous and supplemental

Mentally disordered offenders

49Other amendments of the 1983 Act

(1)In subsection (5) of section 38 of the 1983 Act (interim hospital orders), for the words “six months” there shall be substituted the words “twelve months”.

(2)In subsection (3) of section 41 of that Act (power of higher courts to restrict discharge from hospital), in paragraph (c)(ii), after the words “section 19 above” there shall be inserted the words “or in pursuance of subsection (3) of that section”.

(3)In subsection (1) of section 47 of that Act (removal to hospital of persons serving sentences of imprisonment etc.), the words “(not being a mental nursing home)” shall cease to have effect.

(4)In paragraph 5 of Part II of Schedule 1 to that Act (patients subject to hospital and guardianship orders)—

(a)the word “and” immediately following sub-paragraph (a) shall cease to have effect; and

(b)after sub-paragraph (b) there shall be inserted the words and

(c)in subsection (3) after the words “may at any time” there shall be inserted the words “, with the consent of the Secretary of State,”.