Lieutenancies Act 1997

Section 8(4).

SCHEDULE 3E+W+S+N.I. Repeals

ChapterShort titleExtent of repeal
1964 c. 42.Administration of Justice Act 1964.In section 26, the word “lieutenants”.
1980 c. 9.Reserve Forces Act 1980.Sections 130 to 137.
In section 138, subsection (1), in subsection (2), the words “the lieutenancies and” and from “and so” to the end, and subsections (3) to (5).
In section 156(1), the definition of “area”.
In Schedule 8, paragraphs 13 and 14.
1994 c. 19.Local Government (Wales) Act 1994.Section 61(1) and (5).
1994 c. 39.Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994.In Schedule 13, paragraph 116.
1996 c. 14.Reserve Forces Act 1996.Section 121.
Schedule 6.


Note: The following abbreviations are used in this Table:—

SA 1887= The Sheriffs Act 1887
RFA80= The Reserve Forces Act 1980 (c. 9)
LGWA= The Local Government (Wales) Act 1994 (c. 19)
LGSA= The Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994 (c. 39)
RFA96= The Reserve Forces Act 1996 (c. 14)
SI 1995/1748= The Local Government Changes for England (Miscellaneous Provision) Regulations 1995.
SI 1996/2009= The Local Government Changes for England (Sheriffs) Order 1996.
Provision of BillDerivation
1(1)RFA80 ss.130(1)(a),131(1)(a); LGSA Sch.13, para.116(2)(a).
(2)RFA80 s.131(2); LGSA Sch.13, para.116(2)(b).
(3)RFA80 ss.130(1)(b),131(1)(b),(2); LGSA Sch.13, para.116(2)(a).
2(1)RFA80 s.133(1).
(2)RFA80 s.133(2); drafting.
(3)RFA80 s.133(2)(b).
(4)RFA80 s.133(3).
(5)RFA80 s.133(4).
(6)RFA80 s.133(4), 136; RFA96 Sch.6, para.2(b).
(7)RFA80 s.133(5); RFA96 Sch.6, para. 2(c).
3(1)RFA80 s.135(1).
(2)RFA80 s.135(1B); RFA96 Sch.6, para.3.
(3)RFA80 ss.135(1A),136; RFA96 Sch.6, para.3.
(4)RFA80 s.135(1),(2); drafting.
4(1),(2)RFA80 s.134.
5(1), (2)RFA80 s.137(2).
6RFA80 s.137(1); RFA96 Sch.6, para.5.
7(1)RFA80 s.138(1); drafting.
(2)RFA80 s.138(2), (3).
(3)RFA80 s.138(2), (4).
(4)RFA80 s.138(5).
(5)Administration of Justice Act 1964 (c.42) s.26.
(4)RFA80 s.132; drafting.
Schedule 1
para. 1Drafting.
para. 2(a)RFA80 s.130(1), (2)(a).
(b), (c)RFA80 s.130(1A); SA 1887 s.38 (“county”); SI 1995/1748 Regs.8,9.
para. 3RFA80 s.130(1A); SA 1887 Sch.2A; SI 1995/1748 Regs.8,9; SI 1996/2009.
para. 4RFA80 s.138(2),(3).
para. 5RFA80 s.130(2)(b).
para. 6RFA80 s.130(4); LGWA ss.61(1), 64(1) (“preserved county”).
para. 7RFA80 ss.131(1A),(2),156(1) (“area”); LGSA Sch.13, para.116(2)(a).
para. 8RFA80 s.131(1A)(a),(5); LGSA Sch.13, para.116(2)(a), (4).
para. 9RFA80 s.131(1B); LGSA Sch.13, para.116(2)(a), (d).
Schedule 2transitional and saving provisions
Schedule 3repeals