School Inspections Act 1996

Inspectors’ reportsE+W

2(1)An inspection shall be carried out within such period as may be prescribed.E+W

(2)When an inspection has been completed, the inspector shall, before the end of the prescribed period, prepare in writing a report of the inspection and a summary of the report.

(3)The inspector shall, without delay, send the report and summary to the governing body for the school concerned.

(4)The governing body shall—

(a)make any such report and its accompanying summary available for inspection by members of the public, at such times and at such a place as may be reasonable;

(b)provide a copy of the report and summary, free of charge or in prescribed cases on payment of such fee as they think fit (not exceeding the cost of supply), to any person who asks for one; and

(c)take such steps as are reasonably practicable to secure that every parent of a registered pupil at the school—

(i)for whom the school provides denominational education, or

(ii)who takes part in acts of collective worship the content of which falls to be inspected under section 23,

as the case may be, receives a copy of the summary as soon as is reasonably practicable.