Family Law Act 1996


13 Directions with respect to mediation.E+W

(1)After the court has received a statement, it may give a direction requiring each party to attend a meeting arranged in accordance with the direction for the purpose—

(a)of enabling an explanation to be given of the facilities available to the parties for mediation in relation to disputes between them; and

(b)of providing an opportunity for each party to agree to take advantage of those facilities.

(2)A direction may be given at any time, including in the course of proceedings connected with the breakdown of the marriage (as to which see section 25).

(3)A direction may be given on the application of either of the parties or on the initiative of the court.

(4)The parties are to be required to attend the same meeting unless—

(a)one of them asks, or both of them ask, for separate meetings; or

(b)the court considers separate meetings to be more appropriate.

(5)A direction shall—

(a)specify a person chosen by the court (with that person’s agreement) to arrange and conduct the meeting or meetings; and

(b)require such person as may be specified in the direction to produce to the court, at such time as the court may direct, a report stating—

(i)whether the parties have complied with the direction; and

(ii)if they have, whether they have agreed to take part in any mediation.