Employment Rights Act 1996

[F1[F275D Chapter 1A: supplementalE+W+S

(1)Regulations under section 75A or 75B may—

(a)make provision about notices to be given, evidence to be produced and other procedures to be followed by employees and employers;

(b)make provision requiring employers or employees to keep records;

(c)make provision for the consequences of failure to give notices, to produce evidence, to keep records or to comply with other procedural requirements;

(d)make provision for the consequences of failure to act in accordance with a notice given by virtue of paragraph (a);

(e)make special provision for cases where an employee has a right which corresponds to a right under this Chapter and which arises under his contract of employment or otherwise;

(f)make provision modifying the effect of Chapter 2 of Part 14 (calculation of a week’s pay) in relation to an employee who is or has been absent from work on ordinary or additional adoption leave;

(g)make provision applying, modifying or excluding an enactment, in such circumstances as may be specified and subject to any conditions specified, in relation to a person entitled to ordinary or additional adoption leave;

(h)make different provision for different cases or circumstances.

[F3(1A)Where section 75A or 75B has effect in relation to such cases as are described in section 75A(8) or 75B(9), regulations under section 75A or 75B about evidence to be produced may require statutory declarations as to—

(a)eligibility to apply for a parental order;

(b)intention to apply for such an order.]

(2) In sections 75A and 75B “ prescribed ” means prescribed by regulations made by the Secretary of State. ]]

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Amendments (Textual)

F1Pt. VIII (ss. 71-80) substituted for Pt. VIII (ss. 71-85) (15.12.1999) by 1999 c. 26, s. 7, Sch. 4 Pt. I; S.I. 1999/2830, art. 2(1)(2), Sch. 1 Pt. II (with transitional provisions in Sch. 3 para. 10)