Requirements of Writing (Scotland) Act 1995

13 Application of Act to Crown.S

(1)Nothing in this Act shall—

(a)prevent Her Majesty from authenticating—

(i)a document by superscription; or

(ii) a document relating to her private estates situated or arising in Scotland in accordance with section 6 of the M1 Crown Private Estates Act 1862;

(b) prevent authentication under the M2 Writs Act 1672 of a document passing the seal appointed by the Treaty of Union to be kept and used in Scotland in place of the Great Seal of Scotland formerly in use; or

(c)prevent any document mentioned in paragraph (a) or (b) above authenticated as aforesaid from being recorded in the Register of Sasines[F1, registered in the Land Register of Scotland] or registered for execution or preservation in the Books of Council and Session or in sheriff court books.

(2)F2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(3)Subject to subsections (1) and (2) above, this Act binds the Crown.

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Amendments (Textual)

F1 Words in s. 13(1)(c) inserted (11.5.2014 for specified purposes) by Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012 (asp 5) , ss. 122 , 123 , sch. 3 para. 20 (with s. 121 , sch. 4 paras. 13 , 16 ); S.S.I. 2014/41 , art. 2(1)(b) (2) , sch. Pt. 2 (with arts. 3 , 4 )

Marginal Citations