Disability Discrimination Act 1995


(1)For the purposes of Part II or Part III, a person (“A”) discriminates against another person (“B”) if—

(a)he treats B less favourably than he treats or would treat other persons whose circumstances are the same as B's; and

(b)he does so for a reason mentioned in subsection (2).

(2)The reasons are that—

(a)B has—

(i)brought proceedings against A or any other person under this Act; or

(ii)given evidence or information in connection with such proceedings brought by any person; or

(iii)otherwise done anything under this Act in relation to A or any other person; or

(iv)alleged that A or any other person has (whether or not the allegation so states) contravened this Act; or

(b)A believes or suspects that B has done or intends to do any of those things.

(3)Where B is a disabled person, or a person who has had a disability, the disability in question shall be disregarded in comparing his circumstances with those of any other person for the purposes of subsection (1)(a).

(4)Subsection (1) does not apply to treatment of a person because of an allegation made by him if the allegation was false and not made in good faith.