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PART XIIIU.K. Miscellaneous

Fixed penaltiesU.K.

[F1302BCombined fixed penalty and compensation offerS

(1)The procurator fiscal may send to an alleged offender a notice under sections 302(1) and 302A(1) of this Act in respect of the same relevant offence (referred to in this section as a “combined offer”).

(2)A combined offer shall be contained in the one notice.

(3)In addition to the information required to be provided under sections 302(2) and 302A(2) of this Act, the combined offer shall state—

(a)that the combined offer consists of both a fixed penalty offer and a compensation offer;

(b)the whole amount of the combined offer; and

(c)that liability to conviction of the offence shall not be discharged unless the whole of the combined offer is accepted.

(4)Any acceptance or deemed acceptance of part of a combined offer shall be treated as applying to the whole of the offer.]

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