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SCHEDULE 3E+W+S Other amendments of Part I of 1986 Act

Power to require securityE+W+S

5For section 11 of the 1986 Act there shall be substituted the following section—

11 Power to require security.

(1)Where any person requires a connection in pursuance of paragraph (a) of section 10(2) above and a pipe falls to be supplied and laid by the public gas transporter in pursuance of that paragraph—

(a)the transporter may require that person to give him reasonable security for the payment to him of all money which may become due to him in respect of the supply and laying of the pipe; and

(b)if that person fails to give such security or, where any security given by him has become invalid or insufficient, fails to provide alternative or additional security, the transporter may if he thinks fit refuse to supply and lay the pipe for so long as the failure continues.

(2)Where any amount is deposited with a public gas transporter by way of security in pursuance of this section, the transporter shall pay interest on that amount, at such rate as may from time to time be fixed by the transporter with the approval of the Director, in respect of the period during which it remains in the hands of the transporter.

(3)In this section “connection” shall be construed in accordance with section 10(2) above.