Environment Act 1995

147(1)In section 110 of that Act (applications for consents and approvals under section 109) in subsection (1) (which confers power to charge an application fee of £50 or such other sum as may be specified by order made by the Ministers) for the words “specified by order made by the Ministers” there shall be substituted the word “prescribed”.E+W+S

(2)In subsection (4)(b) of that section (which provides for questions as to unreasonable withholding of any consent or approval to be referred to the Ministers or the Secretary of State if the parties cannot agree on an arbitrator) for the words “the Ministers” there shall be substituted the words “the Minister”.

(3)After subsection (5) of that section there shall be inserted—

(6)In subsection (1) above “prescribed” means specified in, or determined in accordance with, an order made by the Ministers; and any such order may make different provision for different cases, including different provision in relation to different persons, circumstances or localities.