Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Act 1995

4(1)The provisions of this paragraph have effect in relation to any application for the variation of an operator’s licence in respect of which a direction has been given under paragraph 3.E+W+S

(2)Sections 17(3) and 18 shall not apply.

(3)If the application is granted, the traffic commissioner—

(a)shall attach to the licence as varied any conditions in respect of which the applicant has consented under paragraph 3(4); and

(b)shall not attach any other conditions to the licence under section 21 or 23.

(4)If the application is granted, the traffic commissioner shall record in the licence as varied—

(a)any undertakings given or procured to be given under paragraph 3(5); and

(b)any other undertakings given by the applicant (or procured by him to be given), whether for the purposes of the application or for the purposes of the request for the direction under paragraph 3, that the traffic commissioner considers to be material to his decision to give the direction.