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E1Schs. do not extend to the Colonies.


SCHEDULE 2E+W+S+N.I. Transitional provisions and savings

Mental Health Review TribunalsE+W

15(1)On 1st April 1996 the Secretary of State shall be deemed to have determined by an order made under subsection (1B)(a) of section 65 of the Mental Health Act 1983 (Mental Health Review Tribunals) as regions for the purposes of subsection (1A)(a) of that section each of the M1regions for which, immediately before that date, a Regional Health Authority is established in pursuance of the M2National Health Service Act 1977.E+W

(2)Each Mental Health Review Tribunal in existence immediately before that date shall, subject to the provisions of that section and of Schedule 2 to that Act (provisions about Tribunals), continue on and after that date to be the Tribunal for the area for which it was the Tribunal immediately before that date.


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