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SCHEDULE 1E+W+S Newly qualified drivers holding test certificates

Part IVE+W+S Newly qualified driver with full and provisional entitlements and test certificate

Revocation of licence and test certificateE+W+S

8(1)Where the Secretary of State—E+W+S

(a)has received a notice sent to him under [F1section 44A, 57A or 77A of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988] of particulars required to be endorsed on [F2a person's driving record,] or has received the licence F3... under paragraph [F47(2)(a) ] or (4)(b), and

(b)has received the person’s test certificate sent to him under paragraph 7(2)(b) or (4)(b) or is satisfied that the person has been issued with a test certificate,

the Secretary of State must by notice served on that person revoke the licence and the test certificate.

[F5(1ZA)Where paragraph 7(4) applies and the appropriate person is the Secretary of State, the Secretary of State must by notice served on the person to whom the fixed penalty notice or conditional offer was given or issued revoke that person's licence and test certificate.]

[F6(1A)Where the Secretary of State serves on the holder of a Northern Ireland licence a notice under sub-paragraph (1) [F7or (1ZA)], the Secretary of State must send to the licensing authority in Northern Ireland particulars of the notice together with the Northern Ireland licence and the Northern Ireland test certificate.

(1B)Where the Secretary of State is sent by that licensing authority particulars of a notice served on the holder of a licence under a provision of Northern Ireland law corresponding to sub-paragraph (1) [F7 or (1ZA)], he must by notice served on that person revoke his licence and test certificate.]

(2)A revocation under [F8this paragraph] shall have effect from a date specified in the notice of revocation which may not be earlier than the date of service of that notice.

[F9(3)In this paragraph references to the revocation of a person’s Northern Ireland licence are references to its revocation as respects Great Britain; and, accordingly, the person ceases to be authorised by virtue of section 109(1) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 to drive in Great Britain a motor vehicle of any class.]