Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995

5(1)Where the Secretary of State—

(a)has received a notice sent to him under paragraph 4 of particulars required to be endorsed or endorsed on the counterpart of a person’s licence, and

(b)has received the person’s test certificate sent to him under paragraph 4(2)(b) or (4)(b) or is satisfied that the person has been issued with a test certificate,

the Secretary of State must by notice served on that person revoke the test certificate.

(2)A revocation under sub-paragraph (1) shall have effect from a date specified in the notice of revocation which may not be earlier than the date of service of that notice.

(3)The effect of the revocation of a person’s test certificate is that any prescribed conditions to which his provisional licence ceased to be subject when he became a qualified driver shall again apply.