Part IPolice

Chapter IPrincipal amendments of Police Act 1964

Forces outside London

10Civilian employees

For section 10 of the 1964 Act there shall be substituted—

10Civilian employees

(1)A police authority established under section 3 of this Act may employ persons to assist the police force maintained by it or otherwise to enable the authority to discharge its functions.

(2)A police authority shall exercise its powers under section 101 (and section 107) of the [1972 c. 70.] Local Government Act 1972 so as to secure that, subject to subsection (3) of this section, any person employed by the authority under this section is under the direction and control of the chief constable of the police force maintained by the authority.

(3)Subsection (2) of this section shall not apply to such of the persons employed by the authority as may be agreed between the chief constable and the authority or, in the absence of agreement, as may be determined by the Secretary of State.

(4)The powers of direction and control referred to in subsection (2) of this section include the powers of engagement and dismissal.