Local Government (Wales) Act 1994

Part IThe 1972 Act: National Parks and Countryside Functions

1In section 184 of the 1972 Act (National Park and countryside functions), for subsection (1) substitute—

(1)The functions conferred on a local planning authority by or under the National Parks and Access to the [1949 c. 97.] Countryside Act 1949 and the [1968 c. 41.] Countryside Act 1968 shall—

(a)as respects England elsewhere than in the metropolitan counties, Greater London and the Isles of Scilly, be exercisable in accordance with the following provisions of this section; and

(b)as respects Wales, be exercisable in accordance with subsections (6) to (8) below.

2Schedule 17 to the 1972 Act is amended as provided in paragraphs 3 to 14.

3In paragraph 2 (functions which may be conferred on joint board), after “National Park” insert “in England”.

4In paragraph 4 (functions which may be conferred on joint and special planning boards), for “1 or 3” substitute “1, 3 or 3A”.

5In paragraph 6 (functions not to be discharged by National Park Committees), in paragraph (a), at the beginning insert “in the case of a council or councils for a planning area or areas in England,”.

6In paragraph 9 (discharge of functions by district planning authority), after “A National Park Committee” insert “for a National Park in England”.

7In paragraph 12A(1) (district council members for National Park Committees), after “a National Park” insert “in England”.

8In paragraph 13 (modification of section 101), in paragraphs (b) and (c), after “county” insert “, county borough” (in both places).

9In paragraph 14(b) (members of National Park Committees), after “county” insert “, county borough”.

10In paragraph 19, after “Countryside Commission and” insert “, in the case of a National Park in England,”.

11In paragraph 20 (functions to which Part I of that Schedule applies), after “county council” insert “, county borough council”.

12In paragraph 21A (planning areas), at the end add “but, in relation to Wales, means a county or county borough”.

13After paragraph 35 (application of section 61 of National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949) insert—

35AIn relation to Wales, paragraph 35 above has effect as if—

(a)for “1974” there were substituted “1996”;

(b)for “and the county council” there were substituted “and the principal council”.

14In paragraph 37 (identification of local planning authority), after “in relation to land” insert “in England”.