Education Act 1993

295Provision of goods and services by local education authorities

(1)Where the Secretary of State by order provides for this section to apply to a local education authority, the functions of the authority shall include the supply by the authority of such goods or services as may be specified in the order to the governing bodies of grant-maintained or grant-maintained special schools in such area as may be so specified.

(2)The area specified in the order may not extend beyond the area which comprises—

(a)the area of the authority, and

(b)the area of any other local education authority which shares any boundary with the authority.

(3)The terms on which goods and services are supplied by a local education authority in the exercise of a function exercisable by virtue of this section shall be such as can reasonably be expected to secure that the full cost of exercising the function is recovered by the authority.

(4)This section may not apply to a local education authority after the expiry of the period of two years beginning when it first applies to the authority.

(5)This section is without prejudice to the generality of any other enactment conferring functions on local education authorities.