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Charities Act 1993

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  1. Introductory TextNext Match

  2. Part I The Charity Commissioners and the Official Custodian for CharitiesPrevious MatchNext Match

    1. 1. The Charity Commissioners.Previous MatchNext Match

    2. 2. The official custodian for charities.Previous MatchNext Match

  3. Part II Registration and Names of CharitiesPrevious MatchNext Match

    1. Registration of charitiesPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. 3. The register of charities.Previous MatchNext Match

      2. 4. Effect of, and claims and objections to, registration.Previous MatchNext Match

      3. 5. Status of registered charity (other than small charity) to appear on official publications etc.Previous MatchNext Match

    2. Charity namesPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. 6. Power of Commissioners to require charity’s name to be changed.Previous MatchNext Match

      2. 7. Effect of direction under s. 6 where charity is a company.Previous MatchNext Match

  4. Part III Commissioners’ Information PowersPrevious MatchNext Match

    1. 8. General power to institute inquiries.Previous MatchNext Match

    2. 9. Power to call for documents and search records.Previous MatchNext Match

    3. 10. Disclosure of information to and by Commissioners.Previous MatchNext Match

    4. 11. Supply of false or misleading information to Commissioners, etc.Previous MatchNext Match

    5. 12. Data protection.Previous MatchNext Match

  5. Part IV Application of Property Cy-près and Assistance and Supervision of Charities by Court and CommissionersPrevious MatchNext Match

    1. Extended powers of court and variation of chartersPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. 13. Occasions for applying property cy-près.Previous MatchNext Match

      2. 14. Application cy-près of gifts of donors unknown or disclaiming.Previous MatchNext Match

      3. 15. Charities governed by charter, or by or under statute.Previous MatchNext Match

    2. Powers of Commissioners to make schemes and act for protection of charities etc.Previous MatchNext Match

      1. 16. Concurrent jurisdiction with High Court for certain purposes.Previous MatchNext Match

      2. 17. Further powers to make schemes or alter application of charitable property.Previous MatchNext Match

      3. 18. Power to act for protection of charities.Previous MatchNext Match

      4. 19. Supplementary provisions relating to receiver and manager appointed for a charity.Previous MatchNext Match

      5. 20. Publicity for proceedings under ss. 16 to 18.Previous MatchNext Match

    3. Property vested in official custodianPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. 21. Entrusting charity property to official custodian, and termination of trust.Previous MatchNext Match

      2. 22. Supplementary provisions as to property vested in official custodian.Previous MatchNext Match

      3. 23. Divestment in the case of land subject to Reverter of Sites Act 1987.Previous MatchNext Match

    4. Establishment of common investment or deposit fundsPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. 24. Schemes to establish common investment funds.Previous MatchNext Match

      2. 25. Schemes to establish common deposit funds.Previous MatchNext Match

    5. Additional powers of CommissionersPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. 26. Power to authorise dealings with charity property etc.Previous MatchNext Match

      2. 27. Power to authorise ex gratia payments etc.Previous MatchNext Match

      3. 28. Power to give directions about dormant bank accounts of charities.Previous MatchNext Match

      4. 29. Power to advise charity trustees.Previous MatchNext Match

      5. 30. Powers for preservation of charity documents.Previous MatchNext Match

      6. 31. Power to order taxation of solicitor’s bill.Previous MatchNext Match

    6. Legal proceedings relating to charitiesPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. 32. Proceedings by Commissioners.Previous MatchNext Match

      2. 33. Proceedings by other persons.Previous MatchNext Match

      3. 34. Report of s. 8 inquiry to be evidence in certain proceedings.Previous MatchNext Match

    7. Meaning of “trust corporation”Previous MatchNext Match

      1. 35. Application of provisions to trust corporations appointed under s. 16 or 18.Previous MatchNext Match

  6. Part V Charity LandPrevious MatchNext Match

    1. 36. Restrictions on dispositions.Previous MatchNext Match

    2. 37. Supplementary provisions relating to dispositions.Previous MatchNext Match

    3. 38. Restrictions on mortgaging.Previous MatchNext Match

    4. 39. Supplementary provisions relating to mortgaging.Previous MatchNext Match

    5. 40. Release of charity rentcharges.Previous MatchNext Match

  7. Part VI Charity Accounts, Reports and ReturnsPrevious MatchNext Match

    1. 41. Duty to keep accounting records.Previous MatchNext Match

    2. 42. Annual statements of accounts.Previous MatchNext Match

    3. 43. Annual audit or examination of charity accounts.Previous MatchNext Match

    4. 44. Supplementary provisions relating to audits etc.Previous MatchNext Match

    5. 45. Annual reports.Previous MatchNext Match

    6. 46. Special provision as respects accounts and annual reports of exempt and other excepted charities.Previous MatchNext Match

    7. 47. Public inspection of annual reports etc.Previous MatchNext Match

    8. 48. Annual returns by registered charities.Previous MatchNext Match

    9. 49. Offences.Previous MatchNext Match

  8. Part VII Incorporation of Charity TrusteesPrevious MatchNext Match

    1. 50. Incorporation of trustees of a charity.Previous MatchNext Match

    2. 51. Estate to vest in body corporate.Previous MatchNext Match

    3. 52. Applications for incorporation.Previous MatchNext Match

    4. 53. Nomination of trustees, and filling up vacancies.Previous MatchNext Match

    5. 54. Liability of trustees and others, notwithstanding incorporation.Previous MatchNext Match

    6. 55. Certificate to be evidence of compliance with requirements for incorporation.Previous MatchNext Match

    7. 56. Power of Commissioners to amend certificate of incorporation.Previous MatchNext Match

    8. 57. Records of applications and certificates.Previous MatchNext Match

    9. 58. Enforcement of orders and directions.Previous MatchNext Match

    10. 59. Gifts to charity before incorporation to have same effect afterwards.Previous MatchNext Match

    11. 60. Execution of documents by incorporated body.Previous MatchNext Match

    12. 61. Power of Commissioners to dissolve incorporated body.Previous MatchNext Match

    13. 62. Interpretation of Part VII.Previous MatchNext Match

  9. Part VIII Charitable CompaniesPrevious MatchNext Match

    1. 63. Winding up.Previous MatchNext Match

    2. 64. Alteration of objects clause.Previous MatchNext Match

    3. 65. Invalidity of certain transactions.Previous MatchNext Match

    4. 66. Requirement of consent of Commissioners to certain acts.Previous MatchNext Match

    5. 67. Name to appear on correspondence etc.Previous MatchNext Match

    6. 68. Status to appear on correspondence etc.Previous MatchNext Match

    7. 69. Investigation of accounts.Previous MatchNext Match

  10. Part IX MiscellaneousPrevious MatchNext Match

    1. Powers of investmentPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. 70.Relaxation of restrictions on wider-range investments.

      2. 71. Extension of powers of investment.

    2. Disqualification for acting as charity trusteePrevious MatchNext Match

      1. 72. Persons disqualified for being trustees of a charity.Previous MatchNext Match

      2. 73. Person acting as charity trustee while disqualified.Previous MatchNext Match

    3. Small charitiesPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. 74. Power to transfer all property, modify objects etc.Previous MatchNext Match

      2. 75. Power to spend capital.Previous MatchNext Match

    4. Local charitiesPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. 76. Local authority’s index of local charities.Previous MatchNext Match

      2. 77. Reviews of local charities by local authority.Previous MatchNext Match

      3. 78. Co-operation between charities, and between charities and local authorities.Previous MatchNext Match

      4. 79. Parochial charities.Previous MatchNext Match

    5. Scottish charitiesPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. 80. Supervision by Commissioners of certain Scottish charities.Previous MatchNext Match

    6. Administrative provisions about charitiesPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. 81. Manner of giving notice of charity meetings, etc.Previous MatchNext Match

      2. 82. Manner of executing instruments.Previous MatchNext Match

      3. 83. Transfer and evidence of title to property vested in trustees.Previous MatchNext Match

  11. Part X SupplementaryPrevious MatchNext Match

    1. 84. Supply by Commissioners of copies of documents open to public inspection.Previous MatchNext Match

    2. 85. Fees and other amounts payable to Commissioners.Previous MatchNext Match

    3. 86. Regulations and orders.Previous MatchNext Match

    4. 87. Enforcement of requirements by order of Commissioners.Previous MatchNext Match

    5. 88. Enforcement of orders of Commissioners.Previous MatchNext Match

    6. 89. Other provisions as to orders of Commissioners.Previous MatchNext Match

    7. 90. Directions of the Commissioners.Previous MatchNext Match

    8. 91. Service of orders and directions.Previous MatchNext Match

    9. 92. Appeals from Commissioners.Previous MatchNext Match

    10. 93. Miscellaneous provisions as to evidence.Previous MatchNext Match

    11. 94. Restriction on institution of proceedings for certain offences.Previous MatchNext Match

    12. 95. Offences by bodies corporate.Previous MatchNext Match

    13. 96. Construction of references to a “charity” or to particular classes of charity.Previous MatchNext Match

    14. 97. General interpretation.Previous MatchNext Match

    15. 98. Consequential amendments and repeals.Previous MatchNext Match

    16. 99. Commencement and transitional provisions.Previous MatchNext Match

    17. 100. Short title and extent.Previous MatchNext Match


    1. SCHEDULE 1Previous MatchNext Match

      Constitution etc. of Charity CommissionersPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. 1.(1) There shall be a Chief Charity Commissioner and two...Previous MatchNext Match

      2. 2.(1) The chief commissioner may, with the approval of the...Previous MatchNext Match

      3. 3.(1) The Commissioners may use an official seal for the...Previous MatchNext Match

      4. 4.Legal proceedings may be instituted by or against the Commissioners...Previous MatchNext Match

    2. SCHEDULE 2Previous MatchNext Match

      Exempt CharitiesPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. The following institutions, so far as they are charities, are...

    3. SCHEDULE 3Previous MatchNext Match

      Enlargement of Areas of Local CharitiesPrevious MatchNext Match

    4. SCHEDULE 4Previous MatchNext Match

      Court’s Jurisdiction over Certain Charities Governed by or under StatutePrevious MatchNext Match

      1. 1.The court may by virtue of section 15(3) of this...Previous MatchNext Match

      2. 2.Notwithstanding anything in section 19 of the Commons Act 1876...Previous MatchNext Match

    5. SCHEDULE 5Previous MatchNext Match

      Meaning of “connected person” for purposes of section 36(2)Previous MatchNext Match

      1. 1.In section 36(2) of this Act “connected person”, in relation...Previous MatchNext Match

      2. 2.(1) In paragraph 1(c) above “child” includes a stepchild and...Previous MatchNext Match

      3. 3.For the purposes of paragraph 1(f) above a person controls...Previous MatchNext Match

      4. 4.(1) For the purposes of paragraph 1(g) above any such...Previous MatchNext Match

    6. SCHEDULE 6Previous MatchNext Match

      Consequential AmendmentsPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. The Places of Worship Registration Act 1855 (c.81)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 1.(1) Section 9 of the Places of Worship Registration Act...Previous MatchNext Match

      2. The Open Spaces Act 1906 (c.25)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 2.At the end of section 4 of the Open Spaces...Previous MatchNext Match

      3. The New Parishes Measure 1943 (No. 1)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 3.(1) The New Parishes Measure 1943 shall be amended as...Previous MatchNext Match

      4. The Clergy Pensions Measure 1961 (No. 3)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 4.In section 33 of the Clergy Pensions Measure 1961 for...Previous MatchNext Match

      5. The Finance Act 1963 (c.25)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 5.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Previous MatchNext Match

      6. The Cathedrals Measure 1963 (No. 2)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 6.(1) The Cathedrals Measure 1963 shall be amended as follows....Previous MatchNext Match

      7. The Incumbents and Churchwardens (Trusts) Measure 1964 (No.2)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 7.In section 1 of the Incumbents and Churchwardens (Trusts) Measure...Previous MatchNext Match

      8. The Leasehold Reform Act 1967 (c.88)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 8.In section 23(4) of the Leasehold Reform Act 1967 for...Previous MatchNext Match

      9. The Greater London Council (General Powers) Act 1968 (c.xxxix)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 9.In section 43 of the Greater London Council(General Powers) Act...Previous MatchNext Match

      10. The Redundant Churches and other Religious Buildings Act 1969 (c.22)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 10.(1) The Redundant Churches and other Religious Buildings Act 1969...Previous MatchNext Match

      11. The Sharing of Church Buildings Act 1969 (c.38)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 11.(1) The Sharing of Church Buildings Act 1969 shall be...Previous MatchNext Match

      12. The Local Government Act 1972 (c.70)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 12.(1) The Local Government Act 1972 shall be amended as...Previous MatchNext Match

      13. The Fire Precautions (Loans) Act 1973 (c.11)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 13.In section 1(7) of the Fire Precautions (Loans) Act 1973...Previous MatchNext Match

      14. The Theatres Trust Act 1976 (c.27)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 14.In section 2(2)(d) of the Theatres Trust Act 1976 for...Previous MatchNext Match

      15. The Interpretation Act 1978 (c.30)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 15.In Schedule 1 to the Interpretation Act 1978, in the...Previous MatchNext Match

      16. The Reserve Forces Act 1980 (c.9)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 16.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Previous MatchNext Match

      17. The Disused Burial Grounds (Amendment) Act 1981 (c.18)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 17.In section 6 of the Disused Burial Grounds (Amendment) Act...Previous MatchNext Match

      18. The Pastoral Measure 1983 (No. 1)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 18.(1) The Pastoral Measure 1983 shall be amended as follows....Previous MatchNext Match

      19. The Rates Act 1984 (c.33)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 19.In section 3(9) of the Rates Act 1984 for “section...Previous MatchNext Match

      20. The Companies Act 1985 (c.6)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 20.(1) The Companies Act 1985 shall be amended as follows....Previous MatchNext Match

      21. The Housing Associations Act 1985 (c.69)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 21.(1) The Housing Associations Act 1985 shall be amended as...Previous MatchNext Match

      22. The Financial Services Act 1986 (c.60)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 22.In section 45(1)(j) of the Financial Services Act 1986 after...Previous MatchNext Match

      23. The Coal Industry Act 1987 (c.3)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 23.(1) In section 5 of the Coal Industry Act 1987...Previous MatchNext Match

      24. The Reverter of Sites Act 1987 (c.15)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 24.In section 4(4) of the Reverter of Sites Act 1987...Previous MatchNext Match

      25. The Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 (c.1)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 25.In Schedule 20 to the Income and Corporation Taxes Act...Previous MatchNext Match

      26. The Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 (c.41)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 26.In Schedule 11 to the Courts and Legal Services Act...Previous MatchNext Match

      27. The London Local Authorities Act 1990 (c.vii)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 27.In section 4 of the London Local Authorities Act 1990,...Previous MatchNext Match

      28. The London Local Authorities Act 1991 (c.xiii)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 28.In section 4 of the London Local Authorities Act 1991,...Previous MatchNext Match

      29. The Charities Act 1992 (c.41)Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 29.(1) The Charities Act 1992 shall be amended as follows....Previous MatchNext Match

      30. Other amendmentsPrevious MatchNext Match

        1. 30.In the following provisions for “the Charities Act 1960” there...Previous MatchNext Match

    7. SCHEDULE 7Previous MatchNext Match

      RepealsPrevious MatchNext Match

    8. SCHEDULE 8Previous MatchNext Match

      Transitional ProvisionsPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. Part I Provisions Applying Pending Coming Into Force of Part VI etc.Previous MatchNext Match

        1. 1.In the Charities Act 1960— section 8 section 32 Part...Previous MatchNext Match

        2. 2.In the Charities Act 1985 section 1 sections 6 and...Previous MatchNext Match

      2. Part II Provisions Applying Pending Coming Into Force of “Financial Year” RegulationsPrevious MatchNext Match

        1. Section 5Previous MatchNext Match

          1. In section 5(1) of this Act “financial year”— Previous MatchNext Match

        2. Sections 74 and 75Previous MatchNext Match

    9. TABLE OF DERIVATIONSPrevious MatchNext Match

      1. Note: The following abbreviations are used in this Table— 1872...Previous MatchNext Match

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