Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992

102(1)The CAC must give notice to the parties of receipt of an application under paragraph 101.E+W+S

(2)Within the acceptance period the CAC must decide whether the application is admissible within the terms of paragraph 101.

(3)In deciding whether an application is admissible the CAC must consider any evidence which it has been given by the employer or the union (or unions).

(4)If the CAC decides that the application is not admissible—

(a)the CAC must give notice of its decision to the parties,

(b)the CAC must not accept the application,

(c)no further steps are to be taken under this Part of this Schedule, and

(d)the bargaining arrangements shall cease to have effect on the date specified under paragraph 99(3)(f).

(5)If the CAC decides that the application is admissible it must—

(a)accept the application, and

(b)give notice of the acceptance to the parties.

(6)The acceptance period is—

(a)the period of 10 working days starting with the day after that on which the CAC receives the application, or

(b)such longer period (so starting) as the CAC may specify to the parties by notice containing reasons for the extension.