Social Security Administration Act 1992

The Disability Living Allowance Advisory Board

175Disability Living Allowance Advisory Board

(1)The Disability Living Allowance Advisory Board (in this section referred to as “the Board”) constituted under section 3(1) of the [1991 c. 21.] Disability Living Allowance and Disability Working Allowance Act 1991 shall continue in being by that name.

(2)Regulations shall confer on the Board such functions relating to disability living allowance or attendance allowance as the Secretary of State thinks fit and shall make provision for—

(a)the Board’s constitution;

(b)the qualifications of its members;

(c)the method of their appointment;

(d)the term of office and other terms of appointment of its members;

(e)their removal.

(3)Regulations may also make provision—

(a)enabling the Board to appoint persons as advisers to it on matters on which in its opinion they are specially qualified;

(b)for the appointment of officers and servants of the Board;

(c)enabling the Board to act notwithstanding any vacancy among its members;

(d)enabling the Board to make rules for regulating its procedure (including its quorum).

(4)The expenses of the Board to such an amount as may be approved by the Treasury shall be paid by the Secretary of State out of money provided by Parliament.

(5)There may be paid as part of the expenses of the Board—

(a)to all or any of the members of the Board, such salaries or other remuneration and travelling and other allowances;

(b)to advisers to the Board, such fees; and

(c)to such other persons as may be specified in regulations such travelling and other allowances (including compensation for loss of remunerative time),

as the Secretary of State may with the consent of the Treasury determine.

(6)The Secretary of State may furnish the Board with such information as he considers that it may need to enable it to discharge its functions.