Museums and Galleries Act 1992

4(1)Subject to the provisions of this paragraph the Board may regulate their own procedure (including, subject to sub-paragraph (7) below, quorum).

(2)The Board may make arrangements for any of their functions, other than the power to acquire or dispose of land, to be discharged by committees.

(3)Any such committee shall be appointed, and may be dissolved, by the Board.

(4)A committee may include as members persons who are not trustees, but at least one of the members must be a trustee.

(5)A committee shall act in accordance with such directions as the Board may give from time to time.

(6)Anything done by a committee under the arrangements shall, if the arrangements so provide, have effect as if done by the Board.

(7)The quorum for meetings of the Board shall not at any time be less than the greater of—

(a)four, and

(b)the number equal to one third of the number of trustees at the time concerned (treating any fraction as one).

(8)The validity of any proceedings of the Board shall not be affected by any vacancy among the trustees or by any defect in the appointment of any trustee.