Transport and Works Act 1992

56 Interpretation of sections 52 to 55.E+W+S

(1)In sections 52 to 55 above (and this section)—

  • barrier” includes gate;

  • cross” means cross otherwise than by tunnel or bridge;

  • crossing sign”, in relation to a private road or path and any place where it crosses a railway or tramway, means—


    any object or device (whether fixed or portable), or


    any line or mark on the road or path,

    for conveying to users of the road or path warnings, information, requirements, restrictions or prohibitions relating to the crossing;

  • fail” includes refuse;

  • lawfully placed” means placed in accordance with sections 52 to 54 above;

  • maintain” includes repair and replace;

  • place” includes erect and (in relation to a sign) display;

  • private road or path” means any length of road or path to which the public does not have access.

(2)In the case of a railway or tramway which has more than one operator, the powers conferred by sections 52 to 54 above shall only be exercisable by or in relation to the operator carrying on the undertaking which includes maintaining the permanent way.