Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992

Successive accidents

107Adjustments for successive accidents

(1)Where a person suffers two or more successive accidents arising out of and in the course of his employed earner’s employment—

(a)he shall not for the same period be entitled (apart from any increase of benefit mentioned in subsection (2) below) to receive industrial injuries benefit by way of two or more disablement pensions at an aggregate weekly rate exceeding the appropriate amount specified in Schedule 4, Part V, paragraph 4; and

(b)regulations may provide for adjusting—

(i)disablement benefit, or the conditions for the receipt of that benefit, in any case where he has received or may be entitled to a disablement gratuity;

(ii)any increase of benefit mentioned in subsection (2) below, or the conditions for its receipt.

(2)The increases of benefit referred to in subsection (1) above are those under the following provisions of this Act—

  • section 104,

  • section 105,

  • paragraph 2, 4 or 6 of Schedule 7.