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Amendments (Textual)

F1Word in the heading to Pt. VI substituted (subject to other provisions of the amending Act) (1.4.1996) by 1995 c. 25, s. 120, Sch. 22 para. 128 (with ss. 7(6), 115, 117); S.I. 1996/186, art. 3


General drainage chargesE+W

135 Amount, assessment etc. of general drainage charge.E+W

(1)A general drainage charge raised by the [F2Agency] for a local flood defence district for any year shall be at a uniform amount per hectare of chargeable land in that district.

(2)The uniform amount referred to in subsection (1) above shall be ascertained, subject to subsection (3) below, by multiplying the relevant quotient F3. . . by one penny and by such number as may be specified by either of the Ministers by order made for the purposes of this subsection.

(3)The number specified in an order under this section for the purposes of subsection (2) above shall (apart from any adjustment made to it to take account of rough grazing land) be such as the Minister making the order considers will secure, so far as reasonably practicable, that the amount specified in paragraph (a) below will be equal to the amount specified in paragraph (b) below, that is to say—

(a)the aggregate amount produced by any charge levied by reference to a relevant quotient F4. . .; and

(b)the aggregate amount which, if the chargeable land in the local flood defence district had been liable to be rated for the financial year beginning in 1989, would have been produced by a rate levied on the land at an amount in the pound (of rateable value) equal to that quotient multiplied by one penny.

(4)An order under this section may be made so as to apply either—

(a)to all general drainage charges; or

(b)to the general drainage charges proposed to be raised in any one or more local flood defence districts specified in the order;

and any such order applying to more than one local flood defence district may make different provision as respects the different districts to which it applies.

(5)Schedule 15 to this Act shall have effect with respect to the assessment, incidence, payment and enforcement of general drainage charges.

(6)The power of each of the Ministers to make an order under this section shall be exercisable by statutory instrument subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.

[F5(7)In this section “relevant quotient” means a quotient determined for the year concerned in accordance with rules contained in regulations made by either of the Ministers.]


Amendments (Textual)

F2Word in s. 135 substituted (subject to other provisions of the amending Act) (1.4.1996) by 1995 c. 25, s. 120, Sch. 22 para. 128 (with ss. 7(6), 115, 117); S.I. 1996/186, art. 3

Modifications etc. (not altering text)