Water Industry Act 1991

59Supplies for other public purposes

(1)A water undertaker shall, at the request of a sewerage undertaker, highway authority or local authority, provide, from such of its pipes as are of an appropriate capacity, a supply of water for cleansing sewers and drains, for cleansing and watering highways or, as the case may be, for supplying any public pumps, baths or wash-houses.

(2)A supply of water provided by a water undertaker under this section shall be provided upon such terms and conditions as may be reasonable.

(3)A water main or other pipe of a water undertaker shall be treated as of an appropriate capacity for the purposes of this section if and only if it has a fire-hydrant fixed on it.

(4)Nothing in this section shall require a water undertaker to do anything which it is unable to do by reason of the carrying out of any necessary works.

(5)The obligations of a water undertaker under this section shall be enforceable under section 18 above by the Director.