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SCHEDULE 5S New Improvements For Which Compensation May Be Payable

Part IIS Improvements For Which Notice Is Required

9SLand drainage.

10SConstruction of silos.

11SMaking or improvement of farm access or service roads, bridges and fords.

12SMaking or improvement of watercourses, ponds or wells, or of works for the application of water power for agricultural or domestic purposes or for the supply of water for such purposes.

13SMaking or removal of permanent fences, including hedges, stone dykes and gates.

14SReclaiming of waste land.

15SRenewal of embankments and sluices against floods.

16SProvision of stells, fanks, folds, dippers, pens and bughts necessary for the proper conduct of the holding.

[F117SInstallation, provision, distribution or storage of electricity, gas, power, heat or  light.]

18SErection, alteration or enlargement of buildings, making or improvement of permanent yards, loading banks and stocks F2...

Textual Amendments

F2Words in Sch. 5 para. 18 repealed (1.4.2010) by Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 (asp 1), s. 195(3), Sch. 7 (with s. 193); S.S.I. 2009/122, art. 3

19SErection of hay or sheaf sheds, sheaf or grain drying racks, and implement sheds.

20SProvision of fixed threshing mills, barn machinery and fixed dairying plant.

21SImprovement of permanent pasture by cultivation and re-seeding.

[F322SProvision of means of sewage, waste or pollutant disposal, or provision of means of managing water on land.]

23SRepairs to fixed equipment, being equipment reasonably required for the efficient farming of the holding, other than repairs which the tenant is under an obligation to carry out.

[F423A.SErection of structures for the management or storage of slurries or manures.

23B.SProvision of means of storing silage.

23C.SWorks to dwellings.]