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Part VIIIE+W Special Controls


Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1Pt. VIII (ss. 197-225) except s. 223 applied (with modifications) (17.7.1992) by S.I. 1992/1492, reg. 2(1)(b)

Pt. VIII (ss. 197-225) applied (with modifications) (17.7.1992) by S.I. 1992/1492, reg. 2(2)

Pt. VIII (ss. 197-225) modified (1.4.1996) by 1994 c. 19, s. 20(3), Sch. 5 Pt. III paras. 15(1), 20 (with ss. 54(5)(7), 55(5), Sch. 17 paras. 22(1), 23(2)); S.I. 1995/3198, art. 4, Sch. 2

Chapter IE+W Trees

General duty of planning authorities as respects treesE+W

197 Planning permission to include appropriate provision for preservation and planting of trees.E+W

It shall be the duty of the local planning authority—

(a)to ensure, whenever it is appropriate, that in granting planning permission for any development adequate provision is made, by the imposition of conditions, for the preservation or planting of trees; and

(b)to make such orders under section 198 as appear to the authority to be necessary in connection with the grant of such permission, whether for giving effect to such conditions or otherwise.

[F1Nothing in this section applies in relation to neighbourhood development orders.]


Amendments (Textual)

F1Words in s. 197 inserted (15.11.2011 for specified purposes, 15.1.2012 for specified purposes) by Localism Act 2011 (c. 20), s. 240(2)(5)(j), Sch. 12 para. 18; S.I. 2012/57, art. 4(1)(h) (with arts. 6, 7, 9-11)

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C2S. 197: power to apply conferred (10.11.1993) by 1993 c. 28, s. 171(4)(a); S.I. 1993/2762, art. 3

C3S. 197: functions of local authority not to be responsibility of an executive of the authority (E.)(16.11.2000) by virtue of S.I. 2000/2853, reg. 2(1), Sch. 1