Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990

7(1)Section 15 (matters which may be included in directions under sections 12 to 14) is amended as follows.E+W+S+N.I.

(2)In subsection (1) after 13 there is inserted “ or 13A ”.

(3)For subsection (2) there is substituted—

(2)A direction under subsection (2) of section 12 of this Act must require all the persons carrying out any modifications or alterations, or the installation of any additional apparatus or equipment, to be persons approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

(4)Subsection (3) is omitted.

(5)In subsection (4)(a) for the words from an operator to aerodrome there is substituted “ the person to whom it is given ”.

(6)For subsection (5) there is substituted—

(5)Where a direction under any of the preceding provisions of this Part of this Act requires searches to be carried out, or other measures to be taken, by constables, the direction may require the person to whom it is given to inform the chief officer of police for the police area in which the searches are to be carried out or the other measures taken that the Secretary of State considers it appropriate that constables should be duly authorised to carry, and should carry, firearms when carrying out the searches or taking the measures in question.

(7)After subsection (7) there is inserted—

(8)In the application of this section to Northern Ireland for the words in subsection (5) above from chief officer to measures taken there are substituted the words “ chief constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary ”.